Rocket rescue abandoned Bush to stay before a stunning deal to be done Yao

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1. Seek Gongshoupingheng player

Rocket’s no shortage of talented squad of players, but for now 3 wins and 10 losses record is also really a bit unsightly.Led to their disappointing injury is one of the reasons, Yao Ming, Aaron Brooks and Lori have missed some time, but the most important reason lies in the Rockets starting lineup on both ends of a serious imbalance.

Battier basically defensive player, very limited offensive capability, while the other four players are basically offensive player, defensive ability is relatively weak, which allows the rocket into the two extremes.Unfortunately, the team is really strong defense balance, such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade is such a player, the corresponding, they also have had the championship experience.If the Rockets want to allow themselves to be a championship contender, they must upgrade their lineup, look for defense balance of the players.

Such players currently on the market, including Andre – Andre Iguodala, Gerald – Wallace even – Stephen Jackson, the Rockets need to be able to attack while also defending the player, after all, the Rockets have won a gamethe ability of 120 points, but as long as they let opponents get 121 points, what sense is gone.

2. To give up Aaron – Brooks

Just turned 25 years old, was awarded “Most Improved Player award the year,” Brooks seems to be best for the future.He was a third shooter, but also inside the opponent with the speed of impact.

However, his shortcomings are also obvious.First, he is a bad defensive player, was always bullied by the other guard, and so easy to fall into foul trouble.Second, he is not a pass-first point guard, and the rocket system that is not in tune.In short, he is not a championship-level team should guard, a championship-level team does not need to featuring a super scorer to review the winning team in recent years, only the best scorecan be regarded as the 2003-04 season, the Pistons Chauncey Billups, Rajon Rondo or Fisher either, not by the score of fame.Therefore, a strong team, the unselfish style of play is the essential quality point guard.If the Rockets want a championship, they must get rid of the little point guard.

3. Leave Yao Ming, but let him become a role player

There are indications that Yao Ming returned to the field in order to have two pairs of the “machine” was not easy times.Rockets hardly expect him to rule as before the basket.

This time of surgery, so that the movement affected Yao, and he did not feel as good as before, the fact that Yao Ming is no longer able to lead the Rockets a championship of the All-Star center.

However, if the identity to Yao Ming into a role player, that is quite a good choice, he for a championship-level team, after all, he still is a reliable center in recent years, not a championship teamThe center position is weak.Gasol and Bynum the Lakers, the Celtics have Perkins, the Heat has Shaquille O’Neal, the Spurs have Duncan.If the Rockets can enhance the other location, then the team with Yao Ming can not be ignored, as long as Yao Ming can play that year – Bill Walton’s role in Boston, the Rockets can win him as a part of the puzzle.

Not to mention the All-Star center, and even a good center is very rare.Yao definitely can be considered a good center, the Rockets should strive to leave him.

4. To do a blockbuster deal

Morey as general manager in the period, the Rockets have done countless transactions.The current lineup, only three players before taking office in Morey stay in this team, they were Sean – Shane Battier, Chuck – Chuck Hayes and Yao Ming.

However, Murray looks for each transaction are tend to be conservative, and does not introduce any real big names too.He has tried to introduce – Chris Bosh, but failed, now again the arrow points to Anthony, can be hope of success remains elusive.

No risk, no gain, think of the Celtics, for they to get Garnett to give up the number of players, in order to get Ray – Allen, how to give a high quality draft picks, these are the sacrifices, is gambling.

The fact is, the Rockets are not good players missing, but the lack of great players.Rocket To be a championship, they must gamble, players must fight to come to Houston, the great.

5. Good fortune in the draft

Over the past few years, a number of championship-level teams have done enough in the draft on the article.

Most famous are the San Antonio Spurs, who signed with the champion to the election – Tim Duncan, 9 years, 4 championship.Lakers, Divac is in the draft night trade with the pick in the draft rights to Kobe Bryant – Bryant.Wade was the Heat’s significant gains in 2003, the Celtics are lucky to get 2006 Rondo.

However, the joy is always grief before, often before they grow in strength to bear the pain of a season.Like the Spurs, Tim Duncan before the election to their very poor play that season.

And they are different, the Rockets still want to upgrade their ranking, but they traded for last season, ranking right of exchange of draft or the prospect of them very bright.If the Rockets are lucky, next year they can even get high draft pick to the second order of precedence, or the western front in 2012 by six of the rank, the two draft dynasty is likely to contribute to the rocket, the rocket needs young blood, in particular,Yao and McGrady is completely dissolved.


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